Chemical Services

Protreat has been developing and manufacturing drilling, completion, and production chemicals nationally for over 25 years. All of our chemical products are specially formulated for your specific application. Protreat provides complete laboratory services, quarterly well monitoring, and monthly cost reporting to help make your chemical program cost efficient and successful.


Water Recycling

Protreat's patented oilfield water recycle process effectively treats hydro fracture flowback (slick and gel) and produced water for reuse in most oilfield applications. The process kills bacteria, removes residual hydrocarbons, reduces hardness by up to 90%, removes TSS and iron content, and clarifies. Total waste is less than 1%. As part of a long term water management plan, recycling can reduce environmental liability, improve public relations, and have a positive impact on the community.


Solar Injection

In addition to selling and servicing traditional pneumatic and beam operated chemical pumps, Protreat now manufactures, sells, and services a line of custom made solar chemical injection pump systems for use with production chemicals, glycols, and methanol. Solar injection systems offer many benefits compared to pneumatic and beam operated injection pumps and multiple configurations are available to meet you needs.