Drilling muds are required to effectively perform the essential tasks for a successful drilling operation. This begins with the need to carry rock cuttings to the surface and out of the well. Additional mud functions include

  • controlling formation pressure

  • suspending cuttings

  • maintaining wellbore stability

  • cooling and lubricating the drill bit

  • minimizing formation damage

  • minimizing environmental impact

Oil entrainment in drilling mud can cause poor chemical performance and hinder recycle operations. Protreat offers additives to help seperate oil and break out lubricants, so that recycle operations are successful.


Well completion operations include well stimulations and subsequent plug drillouts/cleanouts to prepare the well for production. SRB and APB contamination is a major concern in these operations. A good biocide program is essential to mitigate bacteria that could cause production impairment during the life of the well through production of corrosive materials such as hydrogen sulfide and carbonic acid, or indirectly through scaling or biomass that restrict well flow capacity. Protreat provides multiple biocides for treating these problems.


The production of hydrocarbons needs to be achieved safely, economically, and in compliance with regulatory agencies. While great improvements have been made in understanding produced fluid characteristics, the solutions to daily production problems remains complex. Thorough lab work prior to chemical application and monitoring after chemical application is essential to the success of your chemical program. Protreat provides an extensive range of chemicals to address production problems. Safety Data Sheets can be found here.