Why Recycle

Recycling just makes sense for several reasons. First and foremost, it's the right thing to do for the environment. And in light of the current fresh water shortages and increased demand in our industry, recycling should be a priority. One-time water use followed by deep well injection is not a viable way to manage one of our most valuable resources for the future. Recycling also helps mediate air quality, emissions, and road wear issues associated with trucking of oilfield water to and from locations.


The plant incorporates a 3000 BBL pretreat section where free hydrocarbons, oil wet solids, and water wet solids are removed. Inside the plant, water cascades by gravity through seven chemical treatment stages. Each step is designed to produce a specific effect on the water. Solids are removed in multiple clarifiers and dewatered in a fan press. Final fluids are neutralized and filtered before being pumped to a 10,000 BBL clean water storage area. The entire plant is PLC controlled and can easily handle a variety of input feed rates and applicable chemical injection rates. Continuous quality control is maintained via multiple monitoring probes located throughout the plant. The process is robust and is capable of dealing with the wide variability experienced in these waters.