In addition to selling/servicing traditional pneumatic and beam operated chemical pumps, Protreat now manufactures, sells, and services a line of custom made solar chemical injection pump systems for use with production chemicals, glycols, and methanol. These pumps provide the following benefits:

  • Zero methane emissions to the environment
  • 2500# pressure capability
  • XLPE tanks for hydrocarbon based chemicals
  • Batch treating capability
  • Full containment system
  • 125, 225, 325 gallon tanks available
  • Improves worked safety
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Efficient, reliable, robust, and cost effective
  • Available in Class 1 Div 1 configuration
  • SCADA compatible
  • Temperature thermostat option available for methanol application
  • Dual Head Configuration available for multiple chemical injection
  • Model with grounded steel tank to provide safe application of methanol (meets Methanol Institute recommendations)
    • most methanol and poly tank suppliers will no longer knowingly provide methanol in poly tanks due to extreme static caused fire potential